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What Self-Employed Jobs Can I Do From Home?

Michael Bush

Many reasons could make you want to consider self-employment. It could be in search of an opportunity to become your own boss. Others want a break from the monotonous routine of a nine-to-five job. In other instances, one has given up on finding a job hence looking for something to do to make ends meet.

Regardless of why you are considering self-employment, it is also a good opportunity to have a successful career. You can make a fortune if you choose the right job. Interestingly, some of these jobs require little or no capital to start. There are also high chances of starting to make money as soon as you start them.

The icing on the cake is the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home. You are most wondering about such opportunities. What self-employed jobs can I do from home? That’s what this piece focuses on, so check it out!

Social Media Manager

As social media platforms become a great platform for doing business, the demand for social media managers keeps increasing. All you need is what it takes to be a great one. You need the skills necessary to grow and engage audiences. Since they are online platforms, it is possible to work from home.

Freelance Writing

If you have the necessary skills to write various publications, including magazines, websites, and blogs, you can choose to become a freelance writer. Again, most businesses rely on the internet to attract visitors and convert them into buyers and clients. A great writer can achieve that through engaging content; if that’s you, this is a great opportunity to consider.

Life Coach

When life isn’t going well, it comes a time when people need a helping hand. What if you became someone who offers help and makes money in the process? If you have such skills, try becoming a life coach.

It involves identifying what’s not working in your client’s life. Once you know it, the next thing will be identifying ways of fixing that situation. It would be matters concerning personal development, relationship, or career, to mention a few. Once again, you can do that from the comfort of your home.

Own an E-Commerce

Gone are the days when people had to visit physical shops to buy goods or get services. The first place most people search for such is online and having an ecommerce brand makes you one of the people they find while searching for those goods and services.

It is up to you to decide what your online store will sell. To avoid delivery issues, you can opt to sell digital items. Options include computer software, web hosting, music downloads, and eBooks.

Career Advisor

Choosing the right career path can be tough, especially since it is life-changing. Therefore, one needs to think carefully before making the final choice. Some people sometimes need advice and assistance to make the right call. A career advisor comes in and helps them get out of the dilemma. You can consider becoming one if you can offer the necessary encouragement, guidance, and advice.

You can also help people change their career path once they realize they made a mistake. You can study people’s personalities, values, skills, and interests. Upon identifying them, use the findings to deduce their best career.

Business Consultant

This job will be successful if you choose an industry you are good at. That’s because only then can you know the best advice to give at any particular time. Every business has its goal, and it is up to you to help it achieve them. A business consultant should also develop strategies to help the business grow and improve. You will also find the respective solutions in case of problems and issues. So, if you have what it takes to deliver these services, this is a self-employed job you can do from home.


You can venture into bookkeeping with nothing much and a computer at hand. All you need are skills in spreadsheets and keeping records. It means being an accountant to various people and entities. It could be a freelancer, company, or any other individual. You also don’t have to leave the comfort of your coach to get the various bookkeeping tasks done.

Virtual Tutoring

While adults search the internet for goods, services, and so on, students also turn to it for learning materials. Start virtual tutoring and be the person they go to when it comes to that. Ensure that you choose something that you are good at to be the best tutor in the field.

It is okay to start small, but if you do it right, more students will know about you within no time. You won’t have to spend much to get started. You can choose a schedule you are comfortable with too. Don’t forget to take advantage of social media to grow your audience.

Resume Writing

Many people are looking for employment, and the quality of their resumes will play a huge role in determining their chances of getting a job. They are willing to spend some money to get an excellent resume, thus increasing their chances of clinching their dream job. If you have these skills, help them and make money. Format it as it should and include all the relevant details.

Virtual Assistant

You can assist businesses or people in performing daily tasks conveniently. You can make a great virtual assistant if you have great typing skills. This job often requires you to manage email, schedule appointments, and make travel arrangements, among other day-to-day activities.

Final Words: What Self-Employed Jobs Can I Do From Home?

If that question has bothered you, the answer is now at your disposal. It turns out that there are various self-employed jobs you can do from home. Some need you to have certain skills to get going. On the other hand, some are possible with just natural abilities and talents. 

These jobs allow you to work from home; hence no need to commute to your workstation daily. Besides, you can work with a flexible schedule since you don’t have to report to work or leave at a particular time.

Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by Michael Bush

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