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A doctor’s work saves lives. For this reason, it is imperative that doctors are able to fully concentrate on their duties to their patients and colleagues, all without being distracted by the financial affairs of the medical practice where these doctors happen to work.

However, medical practices can be fraught with money problems. Doctors’ surgeries are under increasing strain due to the stretched NHS, and often fighting to provide high-quality care to patients while, of course, leaving enough financial leeway for medical professionals’ salaries.

This sobering picture clarifies why doctors could come to hugely appreciate being able to outsource at least some of their accounting responsibilities — perhaps even all of them — to an accountant who knows how to alleviate financial issues particularly faced by doctors.

What Kinds Of Doctors Can Benefit From Specialist Accountants?

Basically, no matter what kind of medical doctor you are, if you have accounting duties, these can be handed over to an accountancy professional who would be able to manage them on your behalf, freeing up time for you to devote instead to core aspects of your job.

If you are a qualified doctor, you might work at a GP practice, in a hospital, as a consultant or as a locum doctor temporarily filling a rota gap at a medical establishment. You might work in the NHS or instead for a healthcare provider in the private sector.

The exact capacity in which you operate as a doctor can have implications for what accounting solutions you need or, at least, would most benefit from.

However, there remain many staple services that are likely to be in especially high demand from an accountant for doctors. These services include bookkeeping, managing accounts, completing and submitting tax returns and processing expense claims.

Why A Doctor Needs More Than Just ‘Any’ Accountant

While there are many accountants out there, not all of them will have an in-depth insight into doctors’ bespoke accountancy needs. This is why, in the interest of the UK’s healthcare sector, we provide an optimised avenue for getting hold of a specialist accountant for doctors.

Due to their training, this accountant will easily be able to tailor their overall service to suit the bespoke needs of you, their client. For example, if you are a salaried GP, you can receive advice on how to pursue a GP partnership, while locum doctors can get help with filling in locum forms.

Given that doctors’ tax is a complicated subject, you could have a fair few questions — some of them possibly quite obscure — playing on your mind. However, the accountant should be able to answer all of these questions in comprehensive detail and put your mind at rest.

We Can Bring You Into Contact With An Accountant For Doctors

Just use this interactive form on our website to let us know more about your specific situation. We can subsequently peruse our network of top accountants to find you one who has the right credentials to reduce financial burdens that have long hung over your head.

accountant for doctors
Steve, a Specialist Accountant for Doctors.

Doctor Accountancy Services

AccountantFor provides a comprehensive range of accountancy and tax services for doctors through our exclusive network of vetted accountancy talent within the United Kingdom.


– Statutory accounts
– Management accounts
– Financial planning
– Bookkeeping
– Business plan
– Growth modelling


– Tax investigation service
– Capital gains tax
– Tax advice and consultancy


– Company formation
– Registered office address
– Self-assessment
– Payroll services
– Corporation tax

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