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In recent years, adverse tax changes have curbed the profits of buy to let landlords and left rental property a less attractive investment opportunity as a result. However, despite all of this, buy to let remains strong in its capital growth potential as well as the rental income that it can unlock.

Indeed, historically, real estate investment has often been deemed a safe haven during times of economical turmoil. Hence, buy to let investment continues to hold considerable promise for the long term. Nonetheless, you will need to tread carefully to get the best out of it.

Whether you are completely new to the buy to let field or are long been active in it, you are likely to be faced with a raft of challenges. Fortunately, there are accountants who are thoroughly experienced with buy to let and know how to help you navigate even its choppiest waters.

What Is Buy To Let?

In essence, buy to let is where a property is purchased specifically to be rented out. In the UK, this property could be bought through one of three means: personal ownership, a limited company or a legal entity known as a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

Initially, a buy to let landlord might financially thrive by sourcing a regular rental income from tenants. However, over time, this property could grow in value — potentially leading the landlord to turn investor by selling the property at a higher price than what they originally paid for it.

Your financial responsibilities as a landlord will depend on how you acquired the property in question. This will therefore also have implications for how you can make tax efficiencies that an accountant with special expertise in buy to let would be able to identify for you.

How Could A Buy To Let Accountant Assist You?

There’s no denying that the tax rules around buy to let can be very confusing — not least because they can differ markedly depending on the landlord’s specific situation.

For example, if you own property via a limited company, accounts and returns are legally required to be submitted. Similarly, if you make additional personal income from buy to let every year, it would be essential for you to declare this income in Self Assessment tax returns.

These scenarios help to explain why, on your buy to let journey, you really need tax advice that has been customised to your bespoke requirements. It’s reassuring, then, that you can trust a buy to let accountant with handling a range of responsibilities on your behalf. 

These include preparing rental accounts and tax returns, discerning any tax reliefs for which you are eligible and providing tax advice.

Finding The Right Accountant For Buy To Let

In normal circumstances, this can become a time-draining task. However, we are in a position to make it much easier for buy to let landlords and investors based anywhere in the UK.

Once you have gotten in touch with us to inform us of your particular accountancy requirements, we can peruse our exclusive network of esteemed accountants in search of one with the credentials necessary for satisfying your tax needs.

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Steve, a Specialist Accountant for Buy To Let.

Buy To Let Accountancy Service

AccountantFor provides a comprehensive range of accountancy and tax services for buy to let through our exclusive network of vetted accountancy talent within the United Kingdom.


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