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These days, if you run a business and want to reach out to markets beyond your own local area, the internet is the obvious choice of corporate playground. It certainly helps that, these days, there are many different ways to establish a company’s prominence online.

While ecommerce is one clear path for your business to pursue if it sells physical goods, you might prefer to set up a website that garners its income through ad revenue — for example, if you set up a blog, news or reviews site before allowing other brands to place advertising messages on it.

However, at some stage, you will have to start meticulously accommodating a range of accounting duties — as, otherwise, your business could end up paying either more or less tax than is strictly necessary. We can ease the task of finding an accountant for online businesses and website owners.

How Can A Business Make Money Online?

Arguably the most traditional route would be running an ecommerce store, where people from all over the country or even world can visit the shop before online-ordering products from its stock. However, businesses can also engage in various other kinds of online commercial activity.

If you are interested in simply advising, informing or enthralling people rather than necessarily selling any physical items to them, you could start — and regularly update — a blog or YouTube series on a subject close to your heart. A blog can be monetised with the addition of pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Of course, you might alternatively prefer to see your firm’s online presence as ancillary to its in-person operations. This could be the situation if you own, for instance, a plumbing, heating or landscaping business and want to focus on providing your services only in the local area.

Does An Online Business ‘Need’ A Specialist Accountant?

If you are active in — or simply considering engaging in — online commercial activity, it could be useful to see hiring a specialist accountant as a precautionary measure. That’s because their readily available expertise can act as a financial safety net in a vast variety of scenarios.

Their work can be as ‘small’ as cutting out errors in your accounts to as ‘large’ as facilitating your digital company’s growth. Their in-between responsibilities can include enhancing your cash flow and keeping your business legally compliant with any cast-iron regulations that apply to it.

With their extensive knowledge of how finance works for online businesses and website owners, accountants who specialise in this field can provide you with the advice and support you need for making well-informed business decisions.

In short, while you might not technically ‘need’ an accountant of this standing, having one can help to remove obstacles that could otherwise be left strewn across your online company’s path.

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Online Businesses / Website Owner Accountancy Services

AccountantFor provides a comprehensive range of accountancy and tax services for online businesses and website owners companies through our exclusive network of vetted accountancy talent within the United Kingdom.


– Statutory accounts
– Management accounts
– Financial planning
– Bookkeeping
– Business plan
– Growth modelling


– Tax investigation service
– Capital gains tax
– Tax advice and consultancy


– Company formation
– Registered office address
– Self-assessment
– Payroll services
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