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What To Look For When Choosing An Accountant?

Finding a suitable accountant can be a stressful process. Look for a professional accountant who has completed the necessary professional qualifications, such as ACCA, and is governed by a professional accounting body in the UK.

Like hundreds of businesses across the country, you can use our straightforward, quick and efficient matching service. 

Our match-making system uses your information to match you with the perfect accountant for your needs, at absolutely no cost to you! We have an exclusive network of vetted accountancy talent ready to assist you.

Small businesses can use our services to help them find their own dedicated accountant that perfectly suits their business needs. Chat with our team today, and we will find you the perfect accountant for your tax planning strategies and any other requirements.

What Type Of Accountants Can You Help With? 

  • Self employed: Self-assessment tax accountant specialists can advise you on elements of your business, such as whether being a sole trader or a limited company is the best option for you.
  • Small businesses: Tax accountants can help you maintain organised financial records, making it easier to track income, expenses and deductions for your small business throughout the year. 
  • Entrepreneurs: Accountants for entrepreneurs provide financial and tax services, including bookkeeping services, tax planning, financial analysis and compliance support, to help entrepreneurs manage their finances and ensure regulatory adherence.
  • Freelancers: Freelancers often have more complex tax and financial affairs than traditional employees, as they are responsible for managing their own invoicing, expenses and tax affairs. An accountant for freelancers can help to ensure that freelancers are meeting their obligations and taking advantage of any available tax breaks or allowances.

A full list of our most popular accountancy services is located further down the page including accountancy services for charities, e-commerce and SMEs. 

How Much Will An Accountant Cost Me?

How much you must pay for an accountant depends on the industry your business is in (as the tax laws will differ) and your specific needs.

Our services start at just £59.99 per month for accounts and tax filing. We offer a free consultation to connect you with multiple options, ensuring you find the right accountant for your business.

While hiring an accountant might seem like an avoidable cost initially, especially in mid-year, you will be extremely grateful you invested in an accountant to handle your tax return.

Not only will it save you plenty of time and effort, but it will also help you save tax costs.

What Can An Accountant Do For Me?

While you can legally do your own accounting for your limited company, it may be less efficient and could lead to missed opportunities for tax savings or financial optimisation that a professional accountant from AccountantFor provides.

Planning, auditing, payroll or any other financial service, we’ve got you covered. AccountantFor provides a comprehensive range of accountancy and tax services for limited companies through our exclusive network of vetted accounts within the UK.

Some of the key services included:


Financial Planning

Growth Modelling


Capital Gains Tax
Tax Advice and Consultancy

Other Services

Company Formation
Payroll Services

Working closely with a knowledgeable accountant can significantly improve your tax efficiency by identifying legal deductions, optimising tax strategies and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Get started today via our contact us page!

Our Most Popular Accountancy Services

Small Business

Empower your small business with expert financial guidance. Let us introduce you to an accountant who understands and supports your business journey comprehensively.

Limited Company

Navigate your limited company’s financials with precision. Our matched accountants bring specialised expertise to enhance your fiscal management and compliance.

Self Assessment

Simplify your self-assessment tax returns with bespoke help. Be matched with an accountant who ensures accuracy and maximises your tax-efficiency.

Tax Returns

Secure and optimise your tax returns with adept assistance. Connect with an accountant who ensures you benefit from every entitlement and adhere to UK tax norms.

Self Employed

Unleash financial freedom for your self-employment journey. Find an accountant through us who precisely understands the nuances of your independent venture.

Capital Gains Tax

Expertly navigate through capital gains tax with ease. Let us introduce you to a specialist who will ensure your assets are managed efficiently and compliantly.

Buy To Let

Maximise your buy-to-let investment profits with expert accountancy. Be matched with a specialist to navigate through property taxes and revenue management efficiently.


Streamline your e-commerce financials for optimum profitability. Connect with an accountant who’s versed in online retail and understands your digital marketplace.


Ensure your contractor finances are managed with utmost precision. Our matched accountants bring expertise in IR35 and contractor-specific financial management.

Amazon FBA

Optimise your Amazon FBA venture with specialised accountancy. We introduce you to accountants well-versed in e-commerce and Amazon’s specific financial landscape.


Navigate your charity’s financial management with ethical expertise. Our connected accountants bring experience in non-profit financial regulations and sustainability.


Elevate your freelance business with astute financial strategies. Let us match you with an accountant who champions independent professionals and their unique needs.